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UV optimizing

UV optimizing
UV tension

UV optimizing

After the "UV Unwrapping" we have multiple textures (plane and torus). It might be interesting to have a single texture with multiple maps in it. This section shows on how to achieve that by merging the "torus" and the "plane" map into a single texture.

Go to "object mode" and select the plane. Now go switch to "edit mode", and select the "torus" texture
uv optimization in blender
Now we get the uv-mapping of the plane, with the texture of the torus - however it's overlapping... Press "S" to scale it down and "G" to translate it until it looks like on the below screenshot
blender uv mapping torus
Go to "render" and "bake". Make sure the "clear" checkbox is disabled (since we don't want to clear the torus-part of the texture) and then click bake to render the plane-shadow into the torus texture
blender render bake
See the result below:
blender result

UV tension

We are going to get a small introduction into editing the uv coordinates to get a bit of a feel what's possible. Select a shape in "object mode" (for example the torus) and switch to "edit mode" again. To show you that you can manually edit the uv coordinates, try selecting a vertex in the uv window and press "G" to move it around. Press "esc" to abort the action.
blender move uv blender move uv
Now we want to see how much "tension" there is on the uv mapping. Press "N" inside the UV window to open the properties. Enable stretch. Switch to "face selection mode" in the uv window. Select a face and move it around. Notice how the tension (and thus the color) changes. Press "esc" to abort the action
blender tension tools
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