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Photography Scenario's

Depending on the situation you are photographing the camera needs to be configured. Below are basic tips on how to configure your dslr camera.

In-flight Birds
Water / waterfalls

In-flight Birds

Camera settings
  • Set your shooting mode to 'continues', so you can hold down the shutter button to take multiple images in burst-mode
  • Set your Autofocus to 'AI servo', this way you keep focus with a half-pressed shutter button
  • Set the camera to Aperture Priority (AV), to keep enough depth-of-view
  • Set your aperture to F8, to keep a balance between getting the subject in focus and have a fast-enough shutter-speed on a sunny day.
  • Decrease the F-value (e.g. to 5.6) if it's more cloudy.
  • Set the Auto-focus to the center-point only.
  • If you have IS, turn it off (it only helps in low-light with slow shutter-speed). At shutter speeds above 1/500 it only slows down the AF.
  • Set the Lens to AF (autofocus)
  • Set the minimum focus-distance to the furthes (eg '1.2m - unlimited' or '3m - unlimited', set it it to the latter)

  • Go to your local Zoo's bird-of-prey show to experiment - in-flight fotography is not easy!
  • Background: Sky: easier to keep the autofocus on the bird
  • Background: Other: Can be more 'interesting' (also avoids problems with limited dynamic range)
  • Easier: Try a shorter zoom (more wide) and crop the image
  • Avoid shots where the bird flies towards or away from the lens (many AF systems can't keep up)
  • Try to get shots where the bird flies perpendicular to the lens


Camera settings
  • Use tripod
  • Get the position where it will explode and keep that in view
  • 100 ISO, aperture of F/8
  • Manually control the opening, and wait until it explodes
  • do not use flash


Camera settings
  • shutter-speed of 1/125sec will make the water static and show no motion.
  • shutter-speed of 1/15 will make it look flowing fast (blurred) - but you need a tripod to keep the camera still.
  • Lakes show the best reflection of objects in the morning, when there are no rinkles in the water.


Camera settings
  • Use large Aperture to create background blur (Bokeh)

  • Focus on the eyes!
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